IABCA Ch Black Beards Treasure of the Caribbean TT

Ruby is the sweetest girl and truly my comfort dog, she always knows when I need a snuggle!  Everyone should be so lucky as to have a companion like Ruby.  Ruby was such a good girl that even though the show ring was not what she wanted to do she would always go -just for mom.  I want all my dogs to love what they are doing and for us to have fun doing it together.  Seeing that this was just not what she wanted we didn’t continue in the show ring.  She does have points towards her AKC Championship, but I decided we would just do what was fun for both of us.  Truly the thing that makes my sweet Ruby the happiest is just spending time by me, she knows her obedience commands and is the perfectly behaved BRT in and out of the house!  She is my yarn holder when I sit and crochet and no one does it better than her.  If I need help getting up off the floor she will come right over and help her mom.  Most nights she can be found snuggled up in bed between mom and dad (just in case either need to pet her).