About North Star Guardians

North Star Guardians is the result of Tracey’s love of the Black Russian Terrier. In 2013 the Schley family welcomed its first Black Russian Terriers (Annie & Loki) traveling to Georgia to pick them up.  Love at first site, but not realizing how they would change our world yet.  This breed gets into your heart and completes the family.  With Annie and Loki we traveled many places meeting many BRTS and owners. We experienced the Conformation ring and rally rings and learned so much from amazing people in the dog world.  These two showed us how intelligent and how willing they were to do anything we asked of them.  

Tracey and her husband (Dan) both were raised in Southern Minnesota and enjoyed the upbring on the family farms.  The love of the country and farming has continued as they raised their family.  After the family was raised and Tracey had lost both of her parents -whom she helped with their personal and health care- she found a big hole that needed to be filled.  The love of dogs set her on her new path of showing and raising Black Russian Terriers.  We have added 3 more Black Russian Terriers to our family (They are like potato chips-you can’t stop at one!)  Ruby, Artie and Gryphon are also part of the North Star Guardian Pack!  Check out Our Dogs and see about each of them. 

We continue to compete in the rings and now have decided to add breeding.  This decision came after much thought and talks with many people in the Black Russian Terrier family.  It is our plan and goal to only breed when we find a pedigree that pairs well with one of our BRTS.  These puppies will be loved and raised in the home and socializing will start right away in the whelping box.

At North Star Guardians we want our future puppy owners to know that health is of great importance to us and the preservation of the Breed and what it was bred to do!  We complete all health tests and submit to OFA.  All our dogs have their CHIC number and can be looked up on the OFA website.  

Tracey is a Member of BRTCA and the Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association.