About the Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier is known for its intelligence, loyalty and guarding instinct. They were bred during the 1930’s and the Red Star Kennel (out of Moscow) started working on the creation of this breed to be part of the national security force.

This breed requires the attention of their family and can not be left alone outside. As they are loyal companions to their families, they want to be with the family ALWAYS. You must be willing to have a Big Black Shadow!

Early and continued socialization is a must for this breed. Training is required to help keep the breed from becoming overly protective. This highly intelligent breed will excel at anything you ask of them.  They love nothing more than being with “their” person and doing something together.

This breed should have large bone and mass but remain Agile! The Black Russian Terrier is a double coated breed and should be slightly wavy, Weekly brushing is required to keep the coat from matting. Bathing every 3 -4 weeks and grooming or more depending on the activities of the dog

Average size of the Black Russian Terrier:

  • Males should be 27- 30 inches at the withers 
  • Females should be 26-29 inches at the withers
  • Weight 80-130 pounds