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Family-raised black russian Terriers

Our pack of Black Russian Terriers are part of the family.  All puppies are raised in the family home and you will find any one of the family in the whelping box with mom and her babies.  Our heart and soul go into each and every dog and puppy that we have and raise.  It is our goal and hopes to raise healthy, well-socialized puppies to go to the best home possible.


Latest News


Shadow litter leash training

Puppies are 6 weeks and already working on learning about the leash. It’s very important to start this at a young age, so when they go to their new home they are a pro.


Shadow litter has visitors

First start to socializing puppies happens at an early age for North Star Guardian puppies 3 weeks old.


Shadow litter has arrived

It was a long weekend, but the Shadow Litter made their entrance! Artie did such a great job and worked so hard to bring them all into the world, ending with going through an emergency C-section. Now we have 8 happy, healthy little babies and three little angels who are dearly missed. There are 7…